Fish Soup

During the first week of our vacation I practically lived in the kitchen. We were either doing sightseeing somewhere, or we had a new set of guests at Joanna’s parents’ summer place every day. I was saved from cooking only on one single evening, when we were invited at Elina’s parents’ home for a lovely barbecue dinner after a busy day in Helsinki.

At the summer place we grilled steaks and hamburgers and sausages and whatnot, but the one I liked most was both cooking and eating a rather traditional, Finnish salmon soup. Probably a great part of the pleasure was derived from the fact that most ingredients in the soup were local, bought from the local marketplace. Potatoes, spring onions, carrots, peas, dill and a whole salmon, which I got from Dagnys Fisk, where they were kind enough to prepare it for me and they even gave the head and bones for stock. So I started by simmering a stock with the head, bones and some vegetables. Then I chopped the potatoes and carrots into approx. 2x2 cm pieces, cooked them for a while in the stock, in which I added white wine. Then, just before the veggies were about to be done, I cut the fish in pieces, and tossed them in the pot. After that I sliced the spring onions and the peas (which I had popped out of their pods earlier). The fish was given some 5 minutes to get done, after which I poured in quite a lot of milk, threw in a fistful of butter and a whole bunch of chopped dill.

Did it sound weird to you? Well, that’s proper fish soup and regardless of whatever, for example, Jacques Chirac says about the cuisine of my home country, the soup is every bit as good as anything he has ever tasted.

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