Congratulations, you've found an Easter Egg!

And now for something completely different. This is the first Easter egg special feature on Mostly About Food. And it does not have the least bit to do with food. But it does have a whole lot to do with drink.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I have a very good friend named Robin, who is the master of psychedelic Hammond sound - at least whenever he is given the opportunity. We met a long time ago in the university and soon, under very confusing circumstances, we started to run different, if always rather small-scale musical projects together. Our performances were always enormously successful. For instance, after a whole afternoon and evening of touring around Turku city during May Day festival, playing Guns N Roses songs with an acoustic guitar and imitating the voice of Axl Rose with an uncanny precision, we managed to collect enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes and ten cheeseburgers!

But then we graduated and all the fun ended, or so we thought. Fortunately, I couldn’t let go of my musical ambitions and therefore I felt myself compelled to acquire a modest set of equipment for composing and recording music at home. I have been working on a number of techno songs ever since we moved to Copenhagen, but they are all still under progress. I don’t expect much from those projects, but I still aim to put the songs online some day. But that’s a whole another story – I was supposed to tell you about the project, we’ve had with Robin.

Namely, he got the great idea to ”book some time in the studio”, so that we could record some hard-rockin’ tunes and have fun. And fun did we have. During his first weekend visit in the studio we recorded an absolutely stunning early-eighties-stadium-rock translation of Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. We’ve been working on a couple of songs since then and our main goal is to put together around ten songs, burn them on cd’s and hand them out as housewarming, Christmas or birthday presents. Our philosophy with the songs is to pick one (preferably an unlikely, but reasonably well-known) and turn it into something else, usually in the direction of heavy rock.

But Foxy Lady Live in Copenhagen was our first project. And I have to say that even with all its flaws (like the monkey with a bad accent in vocals), it’s pretty cool. We were trying to emulate this self-righteous heavy rock band, in which everyone wants to play solos, be the front man and they are all convinced of that the audience just can’t get enough of the band’s musical masturbation. But more than a conscious attempt to imitate a certain band, style or genre, our production was influenced by our level of intoxication, which was kept at high at all times. The alcohol and sleep deprivation really helped, for on Sunday, the last day of that recording session, we were really in the mood the play our solos. My last guitar solo is improvisation at its truest form. You should really be able to hear, how the lead guitarist takes the scene with an attitude that says: “I may not be Yngwie Malmsteen, but it’s my fucking turn to play now!”

But clearly the best part in the song is Robin’s intro. It’s really catchy. Somebody will probably turn it into a hit song any day now (and get sued for plagiarism).

It was decided that the album, whenever it would be completed, should have an extremely corny heavy metal name. Since Foxy Lady is recorded live, and so will most of the other songs, I thought it would be necessary to do something “really smart” as they did in the old days with live albums – just think “World Wide Live”, by Scorpions, “Live After Death”, by Iron Maiden and the best of the live-family: “Live Evil” by Black Sabbath. So the album will be called “Alive in Fire” – although I’m a bit in doubt, whether the aforementioned Mr. Malmsteen actually has an album by that name...

Anyway, I thought that this could be the right place to give you a chance to hear it. Just click the picture below to play the song (or right-click to download, it’s 18 megabytes). And since you managed to stumble upon this Easter egg, you are obliged to leave a comment below.

Now, put on your leather pants and get ready for some real rock n’ roll experience!