Dear reader,

Before leaving to Finland for holidays, I was going to write and draw this little rant about how I hate Sprite Zero’s slogan No Sugar. No Bulls**t (don’t use a word you don’t dare to print, dickheads!) and how Danish strawberries aren’t really that good (strawberries are a big deal here, so the low quality is a bit puzzling, yet no-one seems to talk about it), but now I’ve decided against it and will just tell you something that makes you envy me so much.

The thing is, I have the best wife. Sure, yours may be a gorgeous sex-maniac, who serves steaks for your every dinner and whatnot, but then again, my wife is real; what I’m about to tell you is true, it actually did happen.

You see, the other day my niece, Anni, and nephew, Tuomas, were visiting us with their father, Tommi. As is customary, we went to Field’s, which is a sizable shopping mall nearby. The trip was mainly for Anni’s benefit, as she is quite keen on shopping trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, a 15-year-old girl as she is. Neither Tommi, Tuomas nor I could have cared less about going to clothing stores, which the girls knew very well.

So, as soon as we have entered the mall, Joanna volunteers to follow Anni to all the shops that she wants to visit and even take Axel along, although it is a bit impractical and since we men aren’t going to do anything important, we would be better suited for pushing his stroller around. But she’ll be happy to take him.

Then, after Joanna and Anni have a short discussion on which shops they must pay a visit, Joanna turns to us to give her orders – now, this is the part that makes you envy me. You can ask yourself, just how often have you heard your wife or girlfriend say something like this to you? This is what she said:

And believe it or not, that was exactly what we did.

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