Cream of the crop

Although I have discussed the making and meaning of most of the comics on this site, I thought it would be fun to reveal my personal favourites from this first season. Although I don’t expect to be handed the Eisner Award anytime soon, I do think that a couple of the comics on this blog are pretty damn good.




The prize for Best Artwork goes to Ode to Sushi. It’s the only one drawn with an actual paintbrush and ink. Seen objectively, the style is very crude and primitive, especially in comparison to what the comic is imitating: Japanese woodblock carvings and haiku poems. But that’s actually the entire point of the story: that I really like sushi, but being such an unsophisticated redneck, I have been able to merely scratch the surface of the highly valued art of eating raw fish. Therefore I find this one especially pleasing, because the drawings and the text are in a certain harmony and strengthen the overall message of the story. I have a hunch that many a reader finds this one their favourite, too.

Currently there aren’t that many comics with recipes here, but I still want to mention two comics in the category of Best Recipe. It’s not that the recipes themselves would be so innovative or guarantee plenty of aahs and oohs, should you try them out at a dinner party, but these two have the quality that I wish all my recipe comics should have: to incorporate the cooking in a real or fictitious storyline. I am talking about Pasta Pronto Pronto and Freddy Three Times. To draw a recipe as a comic, I feel that there has to be something more, something to motivate the reader to move on, other than just reading the recipe itself. I don’t know, how much people actually try the recipes from different food blogs, but I just believe that it doesn’t happen all that often – especially considering the abundance of recipes in most food blogs. But I still feel that recipes are and should be an integral part of any respectable food blog, which is why I also want to draw more of them. But there needs to be a story in them, too. These two are my best ones, the pasta recipe being based on true events and the semi-freddo recipe being a very sexy little story.

As I have drawn and written all of the comics here myself, most of them are very pleasing and meaningful to me, so it is quite difficult to name one that would be my personal favourite. But if I really had to pick one, then the award for Personal Favourite would go to The First Strawberry of the Summer. In terms of artwork didn’t take too many short cuts in it, it has a good flow and comes to a clear conclusion and, most importantly, the story is very personal and brings up a lot of emotions in me. Sure, for some people it might read as a comic equivalent of a Michael Bolton song, but I am very proud of it and it means a lot to me.



Somewhat surprisingsly, my wife Joanna’s favourite is my reply to Amateur Gourmet’s meme, The Cookbook Awards. Well, it is quite different from most of the others for not being a comic as such and also including photos. Now I think it was somehow a little strange to take pictures of the books in our garden, but it seemed like a smart and original idea at the time. Joanna says it’s a fun one to read. Maybe so, and I might be reasonably pleased with it as well, but I wouldn’t like to see all too many posts like that (or this one), for to me the style doesn’t really qualify as ”comic”.


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