Dear Reader,

It is the first anniversary of Mostly About Food today. As is customary, this birthday post will take a look at the highlights and low-points of the past year, as well as give ideas about what’s to expect during the second year.



One of the main goals was and is to draw food comics at a steady pace. Originally I aimed to make one story each week, but I fell short on that one rather quickly. On the other hand, at first I had planned to draw my stories one-page long. Therefore a total page count of more than 52 pages should be satisfactory. That goal has been reached very well, indeed, for during the first year I’ve drawn 28 stories, most of which span over two to four pages. Although I can be satisfied with the total amount of comics on the site, there are a few less-flattering issues to be mentioned: the relatively large amount of announcements and old, not very much food related comics, like Unforgivable Inactivity and The Lovely Woman at the Grocery Store. This year there has to be more actual food comics. Also, the posting schedule has been very irregular, increasingly so towards the end of 2006. I may have my reasons for that, but can’t really offer you any excuses. Improvement is required.

Another goal was to find a bunch of readers. That one can be said to have succeeded well beyond expectations, thanks to my World Domination Campaign and the Big Food Bloggers, who were kind enough to put a link to MAF on their sites. A great big thank you to all of you for giving a good kickstart! Although I am not blogging to generate hits on my page, it is very motivating to see that there are people reading my comics.


All in all, I am very happy to have started this food comic blog. Without it I wouldn’t probably have drawn a single page of comics during the past year. Now that I have this blog, I have an urge to develop and improve as a comic writer and food blogger. So, when there every once and awhile is some kind of progress in my work, I find it extremely pleasing. I no longer feel like I’m standing still – or going to the wrong direction.


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